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Known Problems: Animations don't work 100% of the time :(

4xAA is a top-down, GameBoy style game. You fight zombies for the highscore and because they want to kill you, of course. Your companion is your battery, prevents you from dying and enables your special move. (For futher info please read the manual, delivered with the game. I promise it is not to long).

4xAA matches the theme, because:

There are multiple elements which serve more than one purpose, but I focused on giving the battery multiple purposes. 

The battery serves as your hit points and as the resource for your special move. It also makes it a bit difficult to gain points, as those are just rewarded if you kill enemies with a fully charged battery. In my early designs it meant game over, if your battery was empty, but this wasn’t fun at all so I removed this feature.

Third party resources: Unity

Contributors: Just me, i did everything from the art to the music.

Published Jul 15, 2017


4xAA.zip 14 MB

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